Day 05: Traditional Beijing

Today we examined the more traditional side of Beijing, exploring Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, documenting the monumentality of these spaces, and wandered through streets lined with Hutongs, examining the gentrification of the area and the shifting function from traditional Chinese courtyard housing to cafes, bars, and shops.

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.50.42Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.51.15Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.51.54Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.52.07Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.52.33Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.53.14Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.54.05Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.53.52Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.53.02Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 01.53.38


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